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My Area is the central place that gives you list of activities that you are interested in or have participated. There are five sections in My Area namely Dashboard, My Posts, Watchlist, Bookmarks, Private Message and Preferences. Each Section and activities supported by that section are explained below:


Dashboard gives you a bird's eye view of recent activities carried out by you and others you follow.

You can go the Dashboard section by selecting the My Area tab (also accesed by http://<your portal url>/#MyArea. By default, the Dasboard tab is selected. The dashboard displays:

My Posts

This section displays the list of posts that you have created, responses made to other post and your drafts messages. It also holds a Topic type filter to get your preffered topic. 

Operations in My Posts section.

  • You can get into this section by clicking on the My Area tab and selecting My Posts link from the menu list.
  • It contains three tabs namely Topics, Drafts and Responses. 
  • By default, the Topics tab is selected and it displays all your topics posted in the particular portal.
  • Choose Drafts tab to view all your draft messages.
  • Choose Responses tab to view the list of responses made in the portal.
  • Click on any post title to look at its information in Full Thread view.
  • You can also have an option of changing the topic view from Expanded View to List View or vice versa.


Watchlists displays you interested topics, forums, subforums and authors. Apart from these items, you can also view your followers detail in watchlist. 

Operations in Watchlist

  • Goto My Area and select Watchlist from the menu list. You can find different tabs called Topics, Users, Forums, Sub Forums, All Following Items and Followers.
  • Select Topics tab to view the list of topics that you follow.
  • Select Users tab to view the list of users whom you follow in the portal. It also displays the posts/responses made by the corresponding users.
  • Select Forums tab to view the list of forums which you follow. It also displays the topics associated to each forum.
  • Select Sub Forums tab to view the list of subforums which you follow. It also displays the topics related to each subforum.
  • Select All Following Items to view the consolidated display of all watch items.
  • Select Followers tab to view the list of people follow you.   
  • You can also use the Stop following to unwatch the any items in your watchlist.


Here you can view the topics that you have bookmarked in the portal. It also contains a Topic type filter to get your preferred topic. 

To view bookmarks:
  1. Click on My Area > Bookmarks. It displays all your bookmarked topics.
  2. Use the topic type filter to view the preferred topic.
  3. Use the Remove link to delete the topic from the bookmark list, if required.

Private Messages

This section displays the private messages that are received from your community and sent to the community. 

To view private messages
  1. Click on My Area > Private Messages
  2. Select the required tab to view the messages
    • Inbox:
      Displays the messages that are received from other members. 
      Click on Reply link to repsond to the message.
    • Sent: 
      Displays the messages that are sent to other members. 
      Click on Forward link resend the message.
  3. Choose Delete to remove the message.


Here you can customize your personal information that can be viewed by your community. It also enables you to set and control certain portal settings namely your default portal, default topic view etc., 

The below screenshot show the list of preferences that you can customize in Zoho Commentbox:

Operation in Preferences

  • Change Photo : Set your profile from the list of cool avatars.
    Note: By default, your photo will be displayed (if you chosen one, while creating the Zoho account) 
  • Screen name: Screen name will be used as your profile name or a display name to represent yourself in your community. 
  • About Me: Enter a short description about your profile which gets displayed in your profile page.
  • User Signature: Create a personalized signature for all your post. The Signature appears automatically for all topics, responses and comments you post. You can add texts, a logo, images etc., to add value to your signature.
  • Default Portal: You can choose a specific portal to be displayed as a landing portal, whenever you login to Zoho Commentbox .
  • :You can set your topic view to be displayed in Quick view or Full thread view mode by selecting the corresponding radio button.
  • : Enable this option to allow you community to see you Email ID.
  • Wiki URL: Update your favourite Wiki URL so that your community can view it in your profile page.
  • :Specify your personal or favourite blog URL and and make it available for your community.
  •  :You can specify the URL of your personal or favourite Website in preferences.
  • Posts per page: Specify the number of posts to be displayed in every page. You can set upto 25 or 50 posts per page.

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